What is a Designer? It is someone who brings value to a business and its customers. They do this by solving problems with beautifully simple and intuitive design solutions that make a product or service beneficial, usable and enjoyable for its users. This dramatically improves the customer’s experience of the business.

So, why work with me?


You get a website and graphics centred around simplicity that clearly presents the benefits of your products and services.


You receive the highest level of thought and attention to detail from start to finish for every project, no matter what size.

Effective design

You get a workable solution to ensure you get the most out of your investment and have the tools to grow your business.

Browse some work

Web Design

  1. Goal Analysis
    1. Identity the core messages
  2. Design and Build (WordPress)
    1. Develop visuals and site online
  3. Content Customisation
    1. Create benefit focused headings and text
    2. Communicate business expertise
  4. Goal Implementation
    1. Implement call-to-actions
    2. Implement clear layout and navigation
  5. Site Optimisation
    1. Write Meta Titles
    2. Write Meta Descriptions
    3. Implement Header Tags hierarchy
    4. Include Alt Tags (Image descriptions)
  6. Testing and Ongoing Refinement
    1. Learn from user behaviour (CrazyEgg)
    2. Drive revenue with online marketing (Klaviyo)

Graphic Design

  1. Brand Strategy
    1. Competitor Analysis
    2. Brand Personality and Mission
  2. Design Concepts
    1. Up to 5 options for Logo and Colours
    2. Visual examples
  3. Design Development
    1. Refine design following feedback
  4. Development of Collateral
    1. Implementation of design on required items
  5. Artwork Production
    1. Production of final files and templates
  6. Documentation
    1. Create guidelines for new Brand

“I have never understood the saying ‘To think outside the box.’ Why would anyone sit inside a box and then think outside of it. Rather just get out of the box.” – Lawrence Anthony, Conservationist.

My thoughts precisely. As a designer, my experience has taught me to always make things simpler; cut out everything that doesn’t matter to get to the best bits. With this in mind, I design websites, logos and graphics by striping out all the bits that get in the way of the message. I like design that gets to the point.